Jefferson City, MO—Missouri Farmers Care, Missouri’s leading coalition of agriculture advocates, threw their support behind Governor Jay Nixon’s proposed new dog breeding regulations released yesterday.

“We applaud Governor Nixon for working with Missouri farmers and animal welfare experts to develop a Missouri solution on this Missouri issue, without the interference from radical national groups,” explained Don Nikodim, chair of Missouri Farmers Care. “The Governor’s proposal, in conjunction with Senate Bill 113, will repair the damage caused by Proposition B.”

Last week, the Missouri House finalized passage of SB 113, which repairs Proposition B by increasing regulatory enforcements, cracking down on unlicensed breeders and improving standards for animal shelters. SB 113 also removed controversial loopholes within Proposition B that farming experts believed would have opened up Missouri farmers to attacks from animal rights groups.

“Governor Nixon sent a strong message that Proposition B was a fatally flawed proposal that had to be fixed,” Nikodim concluded. “We’re proud Governor Nixon is standing with farmers against radical animal rights groups, like HSUS and PETA, who want to destroy animal agriculture in Missouri and around the nation.”

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