The Green Bay Press-Gazette reports placement programs and updated dairy operations are creating many employment opportunities at Wisconsin dairy farms.

The dairy business is a demanding job, requiring long hours and demanding work, but programs like the Lakeshore Technical College’s Dairy Herd Management program allow graduates to return home, or find their first job in the industry.

Lakeshore Technical College says its graduates don’t have trouble finding a job, even as we’re recovering from a recession that’s been hard on the dairy industry. Agriculture remains Wisconsin’s number one industry.

Dairy farmers have modernized their operations which has created a need for skilled labor. The one-year dairy herd program at LTC trains students for a range of specialized dairy positions including testing, breeding and nutrition. Most graduates immediately find a job as a dairy’s herd manager, or start their own operation.

Although most of the students are from traditional farming backgrounds, the program is attracting more students without any farming experience each year.

Source: Green Bay Press-Gazette