A Domino’s Pizza executive says there is plenty of room for growth in the company’s Smart Slice program, which is selling a lot of pizzas in schools and moving a lot of cheese.

Steve Clough, director of school lunch sales for Domino’s Pizza, says the program “should be five to eight times bigger sometime in the next five years.”

Domino’s continues to increase its presence on school-lunch lines.

“We’re now in well over 300 school districts across the United States and the momentum is certainly starting to build behind this program,” he told Agri-Talk radio.

He calls it a “win-win” for Domino’s, the dairy industry and the schools.

Smart Slice is giving the kids something nutritious and something they like to eat, Clough said. The pizza meets nutrition guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for school-lunch menu items.

“The foundation of the pizza is a 51 percent white whole-wheat crust, which delivers increased fiber and grains to the diet,” he said. “The sauce is a reduced-sodium sauce. The cheese we’re using is a reduced-fat mozzarella cheese that we have actually taken 100 milligrams of sodium out, as well.”

Even the pepperoni has reduced fat and sodium.

“At the end of the day, the food-service directors and the kids are voting with their pocketbooks,” he said. “If the kids don’t like this product, they’re not going to buy the product in their schools.”

The cheese and pepperoni pizzas are prepared at Domino’s facilities and then delivered to the schools just in time to serve to the students.

Clough credited the partnership Domino’s has with the dairy industry in helping to make this program happen.

“I can honestly say that I don’t think we would have gotten this program off the ground without our relationship with the dairy producers,” he said.

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