This Negotiating and conflict management skills for supervisors workshop will be held in English on Thursday, Sept., 1, 2011 (9:00 AM to 4 PM, please arrive by 8:45 AM) in Modesto, Calif.

Interpersonal Negotiation skills. Farm managers and supervisors will learn specific ways of presenting their perspectives, whether speaking to a peer, subordinate, or other individual, so that the conversation can focus on the matter at hand rather than the personalities. We will discuss why people sometimes fall into conflictive relationships at work and how to avoid some of the common traps. Participants will learn about the importance of listening and giving opinions without becoming defensive. For more details see:

Goodwill deposits. Managers and supervisors will learn about the importance of providing good-will deposits in their general day to day management. In other words, the effect of positive feedback on performance. For more details see: pp. 192-198 in

Reducing the unpredictability of confrontation. There is a reason why managers often prefer dealing with the animals, equipment, nutrition or other issues at the farm rather than with people. The former are more predictable and do not talk back. Managers and supervisors will learn to distinguish between different types of conflicts and potential tools to use to solve these, such as conflicts between co-workers vs. conflicts between a supervisor and an employee.

Instructors. Gregorio Billikopf (Negotiation and Confrontation) and Ryan Boothe (Good-will deposits)

Who should attend? This meeting is directed to managers and supervisors. The two main topics we will cover are interpersonal negotiation skills and helping others resolve conflicts. Ag consultants, veterinarians and others may also be interested.

Cost = You may pay via credit card or check sent in the mail. $36 per person includes lunch and materials ($28 per person if paid or postmarked on or before August 19, 2011). 

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Contact: (209) 525-6800