Fox 23 News reports the King Brothers Dairy in eastern New York was able to limit losses to their farm after heavy snow collapsed one of their buildings thanks to assistance from over 200 volunteers.

The extreme snowstorm was likely what caused half of the 120 by 400 foot barn to collapse, injuring or killing 75 of the dairy’s 250 animals. Jan King, co-owner of the dairy says the damage could have been more serious if volunteers hadn’t showed up within an hour to help. Three fire departments and neighbors to the dairy helped clear debris and snow and offered to temporarily house surviving cows. The volunteers arrived less than an hour after Jan updated his brother and cousin.

King’s neighbors, some of whom he didn’t know, cleared snow off the top of the damaged barn with shovels and snow blowers. The 4th generation dairy plans to rebuild the barn, in the meantime the surviving cows will be held at neighboring farms.

Source: Fox 23 News