An advertisement for Yeo Valley Organic in England has quickly become an Internet sensation. 'Forever' by boy band The Churned has hit more than 215,000 views since its release.

Yeo Valley Organic is no stranger to music videos. Last year they released a milk rap video that also became an Internet sensation.

Among the lyrics:

“I could have gone astray and not listened to my heart, but every time I’m tempted, I go back to the start.”

“There’s no harm in our pure and natural farming.”

“We are as one with the countryside.”

 “We’ll farm this way forever and ever.”

“Family farming has been the driving factor plowing to the future aboard a shiny tractor so listen up people, take after me. “

“Be a little funky, choose the West country.”

 “We’re not a passing fad.”

“We don’t change by the season.”

“We always respect nature.”

“Just ask our happy Friesians.”

“In your eyes, I see our fate.”

Yeo Valley also offers a Karaoke version of their new video so its customers can sing along with the new video.