A loyal customer base is often the best ingredient when it comes to running a dairy. This is the case for Country Dairy Inc. of New Era, Mich. A group of local high school students created an online music video to showcase their appreciation for the business and encourage others to visit the store.

Rap video: Customers spread word of local dairy“We are thrilled that our young customers took initiative to make a music video for us,” said Jeff Swanson, Country Dairy Inc. promotions manager. “We didn’t ask them to make this, but these students came together to write the lyrics and film the video and edit the movie. Hours and hours went into this project for them and it is humbling to have such passionate young people who take their personal time to promote our business.”

Country Dairy, Inc. plans to use this video on the company web site as well as through social media. While the video has received mixed feedback from viewers due to the music style, Country Dairy Inc. hopes it will be another medium to reach potential customers.

The video promotes Country Dairy Inc. products from chocolate milk to hats and t-shirts. Additionally, the video shows scenes of people of all ages gathering to enjoy the dairy goods, tours of the facilities and the herd that makes it all happen. By showing all the different features Country Dairy Inc. has to offer, the video can appeal to a variety of audiences.

“I feel like the direction that Country Dairy is taking is going to become a lot more popular,” said Tiffany Rodgers, a junior at the University of Michigan. “It still retains the educational value and showcases the products well, but the delivery is different than what we have seen in the past. By incorporating music and rapping, Country Dairy will be able to attract a younger audience, which I believe will be crucial for agricultural businesses to do in the future.”