Insufficient calcium/dairy intake could be part of the problem behind the obesity crisis, according to a recent article in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

Researchers from Laval University in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, point to evidence suggesting that low calcium intake is a risk factor for obesity.

“Taken together, these observations suggest that insufficient calcium intake can be part of the obesity problem in some individuals and that an increase in calcium/dairy intake is part of the solution,” they say.

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Greg Miller, president of the Dairy Research Institute and executive vice president of the National Dairy Council, adds:

“Although clinical trials examining the impact of dairy foods or calcium on augmenting weight and fat loss have been mixed, epidemiological studies have been rather consistent in showing that people who consume adequate dairy weigh less and have lower body fat than those who consume low amounts (less than 1 serving).

“A recent meta-analysis found a significant effect of dairy on weight,” Miller adds. “Although the effect was modest, this could be important over a long period of time. We also have identified several mechanisms that may be involved in dairy's effect on weight loss. These include promotion of fecal fat loss and fat oxidation. Also, a possible effect on satiety.”