For 16 years now, a Milk Mustache ad has graced the pages of USA Today just prior to the Super Bowl.

This year’s installment features Wes Welker, wide receiver for the New England Patriots, and Hakeem Nicks, wide receiver for the New York Giants.

The winner of Sunday’s game will appear in his own solo Milk Mustache ad in USA Today on Monday.

Today’s ad copy reads, "This Sunday, we're pouring it on. The biggest game of our lives deserves the best breakfast. Milk's got the nutrients we need to start our day off right, and to fuel up to play 60. But sharing the trophy? That's another story." To see the full ad, click here.

Welker and Nicks participate in Fuel Up to Play 60, a program that encourages kids to eat right and be active for at least 60 minutes every day.