The following statement was released Tuesday night by Jerry Kozak, president and CEO of the National Milk Producers Federation.  

“We commend the Senate for deciding today to limit debate on its immigration reform measure, which demonstrates that they want to move forward and get a bill passed by July 4th. America’s farmers need action on the immigration issue. Thanks to the vote on cloture Tuesday, the chances are much better now that it will get resolved.

“National Milk Producers Federation has made fixing the broken immigration system one of its highest priorities during the past decade. Previous attempts at creating a comprehensive solution have failed. And although we are still weeks away from passing immigration reform in 2013, today’s vote sends a strong signals that a critical mass of the Senate also believes that immigration reform is key national priority.

“The Senate bill contains an entirely new visa program for dairy farm workers, one that NMPF has helped to shape. This new approach is better for employers, better for employees, better for law enforcement, better for the economy….it’s better for America.”