The Burlington Free Press reports snow covered roads may cause farmers to dump milk if trucks aren’t able to access the dairies.

John Gorton told the Free Press he spent four hours plowing his driveway to ensure the milk truck could get to his parlor. The state Agency of Agriculture was taking action Monday, working with milk cooperatives to seek out dairies and scheduling plows so milk trucks could stay on schedule.

Agriculture Secretary Chuck Ross also reminded cooperatives to keep track of milk losses due to the weather in case Vermont filed for federal disaster relief.

Having to dump a day’s worth of milk wasn’t Gorton’s only problem caused by the snowstorm. His farm was low on feed for his dairy cows Monday morning and the feed truck scheduled to deliver to his farm was stuck at a neighbor’s farm. The truck was able to make the delivery and Gorton had six tons of feed for his cows to eat.

The snow continued Monday night and Gorton would have to spend another four hours plowing his driveway, but fluffier snow would make it easier to move.

Source: Burlington Free Press