Kristin Hudson tells what it’s like to have her daughter ask “What if they take away daddy’s farm?”

It’s one of the many things that Kristin and her husband, Alan, have had to endure since being sued by the Waterkeeper Alliance, an environmental activist group. The Hudsons grow corn, soybeans and hay, and raise cows and chickens on a 200-acre farm near Maryland's Eastern Shore.

According to the video shown above, produced by, the Hudsons’ problems started when an environmentalist flew over the farm in an airplane and saw what she thought was a pile of chicken manure.

“The Maryland Department of the Environment confirmed the pile to be biosalts and later concluded that no further action is required on the farm’s part other than to spread the pile in the spring for the next crop-growing season,” says.

The Waterkeeper Alliance is continuing the lawsuit, nonetheless.

“The Hudsons are overwhelmed by legal and medical bills related to the lawsuit,” says.

Area farmers have held several benefit dinners to help pay the Hudsons’ bills.

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