Wisconsin exported more than $170 million of dairy exports in the first half of 2013, 23 percent higher than last year.

Gov. Scott Walker announced that dairy products were the state’s most valuable agriculture exports so far in 2013. Wisconsin now ranks fourth in the country for the value of dairy exports.

“The growth in our dairy industry is due to the hard work of the farmers and processors who produce quality and safe dairy products,” Walker said in a news release.  “Wisconsin is quickly growing beyond being America’s Dairy Land.  Our agriculture industry continues to be a strong cornerstone of our state’s economy, and the overall increase of Wisconsin exports is good for our economy and the hardworking employees who help produce great products.”

Dairy was just part of Wisconsin’s booming export growth. From January to June, Wisconsin exports $1.6 billion worth of agricultural products to 132 countries. Click here to read more.  

"The economic impact the dairy industry has on the state is huge," Mark Hagedorn with Eau Claire County's University of Wisconsin-Extension told WQOQ news.

According to WQOQ News, Walker is pushing Wisconsin dairymen to do more. He hopes the state’s dairy industry will be able to produce 30 billion pounds of milk annually by 2020.  See, “Wisconsin dairy exports up more than 20 percent.”