The Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation is reminding farmers and motorists that fall harvest weight limits take effect from September through November 30.

“With the fall harvest just around the corner, farmers should note that state law allows an increase in normal weight limits for when crops are hauled from the field to their first point of storage,” said Paul Zimmerman, Farm Bureau’s Executive Director of Governmental Relations.

That means an overweight truck permit is not required for the transportation of corn, soybeans, potatoes, vegetables or cranberries from the field to initial storage, or from the field to the initial processing point.

Zimmerman notes that under the law, those vehicles or combination of vehicles with a typical gross weight of between 50,000 and 80,000 pounds are allowed to increase their weights by 15 percent for harvest activities.

“For example, normally a semi-trailer loaded with corn cannot exceed 80,000 pounds. With the exemption that goes into effect on September 1, that same semi-trailer could be loaded to 92,000 pounds,” Zimmerman explained.

This exception does not apply on Class “B” highways or on highways designated as part of the national system of interstate and defense highways.

“This law has been on the books for five years, but farmers should not presume it applies everywhere. They should check with local law enforcement officials to make sure there are not special restrictions on roads and bridges they may be using,” Zimmerman said.