The Animal Legal Defense Fund has sued Mendes Calf Ranch in Tipton, Calif., for allegedly keeping calves in crates that don’t allow the calves to turn around.

The lawsuit, filed in Tulare County Superior Court, also names the California Department of Food and Agriculture in the suit for allegedly failing to enforce a state law that requires animals to have “adequate exercise area.”   The activist group claims there are anti-cruelty laws in the state that apply in this case.

However, Jim Reynolds, service chief dairy production medicine, at the Veterinary Medical Teaching and ResearchCenter in Tulare, Calif., told the Fresno Bee there is not a state law that specifies a minimum size for calf hutches. In addition, he says, standard hutch size is 32 inches wide, 5 feet deep, has slats for waste to fall through and is about 8 inches off the ground. Each calf is in its own hutch and can turn around comfortably.

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