The Agricultural Council of America (ACA) unveiled a new flow chart showing the many activities and industries involved in supplying the nation’s consumers with food, fiber and biofuels.

The process starts with the discovery and marketing of crop and livestock inputs, says ACA  Chairman Gerald Tumbleson, National Corn Growers Association’s representative to the Board, and a farmer located in Minnesota. “It continues with their distribution to farmers/ranchers who produce the food, fiber and feedstocks to produce biofuels, continues through processing, to each product’s final manufacturing and retailing to the end consumer.”

Over 21 million Americans are involved in the process of supplying the nation’s 301 million consumers with food, fiber and fuel.

“The new flow chart shows the many steps involved in putting food on our tables,” says USDA Secretary Ed Schafer. “Most consumers are aware of some of the effort that it takes to provide them with their daily needs, however, we don’t often realize the total magnitude of what it takes. I think the flow chart is a great educational piece.”

“We encourage the use of chart by any organization, be it an educational institution, consumer group, the media or an industry within the chain, to review the chart and how it impacts their lives,” says Tumbleson.

To download a copy of the chart, go to:

For more information, contact the Agriculture Council of America at (913) 491-1895.  

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