The following are two recent blog posts authored by agriculture critics who each kept an open mind as they visited with producers to see firsthand how livestock animals are raised on modern facilities.

Sherri Schuber, a New York City mom, active blogger and soy beverage consumer visited a California dairy farm, interacted with dairy producers and saw how dairy cows are raised on a modern dairy farm.

Ryan Andrews, a registered dietician, personal trainer and vegan visited a Colorado feedlot and saw for himself how beef cattle are raised.

While both admit they may not change their eating habits, the visits changed their views about modern agriculture practices and they now have a more favorable impression of modern livestock operations.

These posts remind us of the importance of sharing our dairy experiences with consumers. As Ryan admitted, his views on modern farming practices were gathered from individuals who claimed to be experts on animal husbandry practices, but had never visited a livestock operation. It’s a good reminder that if dairy enthusiasts don’t take the time to tell their stories, then other people who may lack hands-on dairy knowledge, with an agenda of their own, are ready and willing to tell dairy’s story for us.

We encourage you to read the above blogs and post comments on the Momtrends blog or email comments through the Precision Nutrition site. Thank the authors for their time and viewpoints, and offer yourself up as an on-farm expert should they ever have dairy production questions that arise in the future. If you provide farm tours on your dairy, or are considering opening it up to the public, here are tips for hosting farm tours. Key messages to incorporate into your farm tour can be found on the  myDairy toolkit.

Source: Dairy Management, Inc.