Southern California air-quality officials have passed new rules that will force dairy producers in the Chino area to reduce air emissions from dairy cattle manure. The new rules require all dairies with 50 cows or more to:

  • Clean corrals at least four times per year.
  • Send manure not used as fertilizer on farm to a composting facility, anaerobic digester, or to an agricultural area that has approval to use it for fertilizer.
  • Take steps to reduce dust from the dairy.

In addition, the program requires that by 2010 ammonia emissions must be cut by 3 tons per day and volatile organic compounds must be reduced by more than one ton daily.

The new rules are expected to cost each dairy producer about $15,000 per year with the total cost for producers in the region estimated at $3.5 million per year.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District will start phasing in the rules December 1.

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South Coast Air Quality Management District, Associated Press