Milk prices are staging a nice comeback at the end of a terrible year.

The December all-milk price, according to the USDA, is $16.30 per hundredweight. That is up 44 percent from the lows registered this past summer.

USDA used the $16.30 figure to compute the milk-feed ratio released in Wednesday’s “Agricultural Prices” report. Read more.

Here are the all-milk prices for 2009:

Jan.    $13.30

Feb.    $11.60

March $11.80

April    $11.90

May     $11.60

June   $11.30

July     $11.30

Aug.    $12.00

Sept.   $12.90

Oct.     $14.20

Nov.    $15.30

Dec.    $16.30*


Source: USDA