The poster flap that has President Obama wanting to remove the signs from Washington, D.C., Metro stations also has dairy implications.

The group that placed the posters, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, refuses to take down the ads, despite protests from the White House over references to the President’s children.

PCRM is a front organization for the animal-rights movement.

The group wants to gain the attention of congressional members and staffers — many of whom ride the Metro — in order to raise awareness of the Child Nutrition Act, which comes up for reauthorization in October. PCRM would like to see vegan and vegetarian lunch options at public schools, and changes in the Child Nutrition Act could make that happen.

In an item carried by ABC News, the group’s president, Neal Barnard, is quoted as backing a vegetarian non-dairy option for school lunch menus.

Click here to read "White House Objects to Poster That Invokes Obama Children" from The Washington Post.  And, here is an item carried by ABC News.

 Source: The Washington Post and ABC News