Move over sports drinks. New research out of Canada shows that people who drink skim milk after exercise gain more muscle and burn more fat.

In the study, researchers at McMasterUniversity in Hamilton compared the results of 56 men aged 18 to 30 who lifted weights five times a week over a 12-week period. Each study participant was randomly assigned to one of three post-workout drinks — skim milk, a soy drink or a sports drink. Each 500 ml drink (about two cups) contained 735 calories, but the protein, carbohydrates and fat were different.

During the study all of the participants gained muscle mass and lost fat. But those who drank milk lost twice as many pounds of fat. The milk drinkers also gained 2.5 more pounds of muscle than those who drank the soy drink and 3.3 more pounds of muscle than those who received the sports drink.

The researchers believe that the difference comes from the fact that milk is rich in protein. The research was reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. To learn more, go to:

The Globe and Mail