A&W Restaurants, Inc. is campaigning for Americans to celebrate and show support for U.S. Beef.

The campaign, called "Moove to American,"  was launched on July 3 with 35 cows travelling by barge across the New York Harbor to visit The Statute of Liberty.

"We're 'All American' and proud of it," said Tim Matis, Director of Marketing for A&W. "We're giving Americans a chance to celebrate, speak up and support products of the U.S.A."

A campaign Web site -—  www.MooveToAmerican.org — has been established with a special petition Americans can sign to show their support of 100 percent U.S. beef. The petition will be online for signing through July 31. A&W will deliver the petition to the National Cattlemen's Beef Association as a show of support for U.S. beef.

As part of the campaign, A&W is asking Americans to submit why they want the opportunity to create their own A&W burger at www.MooveToAmerican.org. A&W will review the submissions and select the winning entry based on creativity and passion. The winner may travel to A&W headquarters to work with the food innovation team to create their own original A&W burger for a chance to be served in A&W Restaurants; as well as a year supply of A&W's Papa Burger made with 100 percent U.S. beef.

"Products of the U.S.A. are a badge of honor," Matis said. "Especially this time of year, we encourage Americans to celebrate our country and move to 100 percent U.S. beef."

Source: A & W