Last night’s episode of the popular CBS crime drama CSI: Miami brought up familiar claims about cattle-raising and corn-feeding. E. coli was mentioned several times throughout the program storyline, as were genetically modified crops. We are monitoring for any relevant and visible online discussions of last night’s program and closely reviewing the show to determine the best response strategy.

In our experience, responding to fictional shows such as this can lead to more shows based on beef and cattle issues. In general, television producers and networks seek to replicate the shows that create the most buzz among viewers and potential viewers. Also remember that many fans of the show are less caught up in the details of the cases as they are the interplay and relationships among the characters. For example, one of the top online discussions among CSI fans currently is Adam Rodriguez’s recent decision to leave the show.

If you receive calls from folks wishing to respond, we recommend they do so through their existing online and personal social networks, correcting any misinformation with personal stories and facts from the consumer-friendly beef production Web site Also, since many of the issues raised in the show mirror those raised by the documentary “Food, Inc.” and Michael Pollan’s book “Omnivore’s Dilemma,” you may want to reference the Campus Critics Response materials on the Extranet.

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Source: National Cattleman's Beef Association