To support the renewable energy industry and stimulate the economy, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources is offering Energize Missouri Renewable Energy Biogas Grants to eligible entities. These grant funds will support agricultural or industrial projects that use anaerobic digestion-to-energy systems and landfill biogas-to-energy projects. Eligible projects may produce biopower, bioheat or other forms of bioenergy. The Requests for Proposals, which include application forms, may be found on the department’s Web site. The department will accept applications for funding from April 1 through April 30, 2010. Applicants must follow the specified deadline, format and guidelines to complete the application as explained in the Request for Proposals.

The department has allocated a total of $2,250,000 statewide for the biogas grants. The Department of Natural Resources will select applicants for funding on the basis of a competitive evaluation process and a formula described in the Request for Proposals. The amount of each grant award may provide up to 25 percent of total project costs, not to exceed $450,000. Cost sharing is required and matching dollars may come from the applicants, grants from other organizations, or other sources of funding.

Projects considered for funding must use commercially available renewable energy systems, be located in Missouri and produce biopower, bioheat or other forms of bioenergy. Eligible applicants include Missouri businesses, corporations, not-for-profit organizations, institutions, local governments, and individuals. Municipal or community wastewater treatment plants are excluded.

Questions should be sent via e-mail or fax to the following addresses before April 30, 2010. E-mails and faxes should include contact information of the sender (name, organization, mailing address, phone number):E-mail: Fax: (573) 526-7553, Attention: Ming Xu, DNR Division of Energy

Source: EPA AgStar