Bravo! Brands Inc. announced that it will introduce the first milk-based sports drink this summer. Called, Slammers Sport Milk, the drinks were developed in response to a growing body of scientific and empirical evidence that suggests milk can play an important role in post-exercise recovery and rehydration.

This evidence has led many well known athletes and coaches to recommend flavored milk as an after- and between-workout beverage.

Slammers Sport Milk will have the same rehydration capabilities as the leading sports drinks. But, unlike the leading sports drinks, Slammers Sport Milk will allow cells to rebuild themselves by increasing the absorption of the protein naturally found in milk. In addition, the product contains CoQ-10 and a vitamin B complex to provide fast and long lasting energy. Together, these attributes make Slammers Sport Milk the first complete Replenishment Delivery System ("RDS").

Slammers Sport Milk will be sold in ready-to-drink 14-ounce bottles in three flavors -- chocolate, vanilla and tangerine-orange -- and will be available at retail locations as early as July.

"We're leveraging the great restorative nutrition of Mother Nature's perfect beverage, milk, and marrying it with science to create the first milk-based sports drink," said Roy Warren, CEO. "Product development began soon after we learned about the IndianaUniversity study which revealed that chocolate milk's carb-to-protein ratio was well-suited to recharge muscles worn-out from exercise." (The study, "Chocolate Milk as a Post-Exercise Recovery Aid," was published in International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, February 2006.)

Slammers Sport Milk represents the first of an array of new products Bravo! intends to create focused on sports and exercise, a market it first entered with its PRO Slammers-line of nutritionally fortified milk-based beverages in 2004. In addition Bravo! is currently researching and testing Slammers Energy Milk, which is expected to combine the goodness of milk in a beverage that provides twice the energy of the leading energy drink. Flavors in development include vanilla, coffee and chocolate.

Produced aseptically, Slammers® have no preservatives, do not need to be refrigerated until opened and, before opening, have a shelf life of up to eight months.

Bravo! press release