BURGER KING®, the nation’s second-largest national quick-serve restaurant (QSR) chain with more than 7,500 stores across the United States, now offers Hershey’s® low-fat white and chocolate milk in re-sealable, 8-ounce plastic bottles.

The new milk offerings will be promoted as a beverage option with a Kids Meal, as well as a permanent beverage menu option for all customers. With 86 percent of all take-out meals coming from QSRs, the new milk option gives BURGER KING® a prime opportunity to help more families get their 3 servings of dairy a day, as recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

“By offering low-fat white and chocolate milk in plastic bottles — the way kids want it — BURGER KING® is helping America’s children meet their daily dairy requirements,” said Paul Rovey, an Arizona dairy producer and chairman of Dairy Management Inc.™ (DMI), which manages the national checkoff program. Research indicates that two of three children don’t meet the dietary recommendation to consume 3 servings of dairy each day.

In 2005, dairy producers, through their checkoff investment, helped BURGER KING® test this new offering in several markets across the country. Results indicated that customers would choose milk more often when offered in fun, attractive packaging and in different flavors.

“The launch of the Hershey’s milk product at BURGER KING® is another example of how dairy promotion is helping increase sales by meeting unmet consumer demand,” said Tom Gallagher, DMI chief executive officer. “Offering consumers milk products when, where and how they want them is the only way to increase sales for over both the short- and long-term.”

The introduction of milk in plastic bottles at BURGER KING® brings the total number of QSRs offering these products to more than 35,000 nationwide. “Based on industry analysis, foodservice chains have experienced an eight-fold increase in weekly milk sales by offering milk in plastic bottles, compared to weekly sales when offered in paperboard cartons,” Gallagher said.

In addition to the enhanced packaging, milk’s nutrient package appeals to moms and health professionals as well. Low-fat milk counts as one dairy serving, delivering nine essential nutrients — and one-third of a child’s daily calcium requirement.

“We introduced Hershey’s low-fat white and chocolate milk to add even more variety to our menu,” said John Schaufelberger, vice president of product marketing for Burger King Corporation. “It’s a well-known brand that appeals to moms and kids — and the plastic packaging is especially convenient for busy, on-the-go families.”

To help increase awareness among the public, national, state and regional dairy promotion groups are working to spread the word of the new milk offerings through:

  • Media relations efforts with major parenting, women’s, health, and other consumer media reporters that emphasize the focus of on-the-go nutritious foods for children and families.
  • Online promotion of new milk offerings through www.3aday.org and “Get 3!” e-newsletter that reaches more than 135,000 Moms.
  • Health professional educational outreach about the new milk offerings through meetings and at www.nationaldairycouncil.org
  • Burger King Hershey’s milk point-of-purchase material support, such as in-store and drive-thru signs and menu boards.
  • Locally executed incentive programs to encourage employees to “prompt” customers to choose milk with their order.
  • Local consumer-focused events to drive traffic to individual restaurants.

BURGER KING®, in turn, is marketing its new milk offerings through:

  • National TV commercials that feature milk as part of a broader Kids Meal spot airing during kid-friendly programming
  • In-store signs and other merchandising efforts, including signs that feature milk as a healthy beverage option with breakfast meals
  • Web-based promotions at www.bk.com
  • Public relations support that communicates milk as a healthy beverage option

For more information about the new milk offerings at Burger King, visit www.dairycheckoff.com or www.3aday.org.

Dairy Management Inc.