CAL-C is a new drink with a twist. It contains a mix of skim milk and natural fruit juices.

CAL-C contains 50 percent more calcium than milk, a full day’s supply of vitamin C and up to 40 percent fewer carbohydrates, sugar and calories than other juice drinks.

It is marketed by NutriJoy Inc., Manhattan, Kan. "We are striving to meet consumer demand by developing a product that provides healthful benefits but is also a great tasting product that will fit in current diet plans," says David Yang, president and CEO of NutriJoy.

The company is emphasizing the drink’s high calcium content and promoting the fact that studies have shown that individuals with higher calcium consumption have lower body weight. According to Yang, by drinking two to three servings of CAL-C as a regular part of your diet, you will get the recommended level of calcium to aid you in meeting your weight loss goals.

CAL-C comes in four flavors: Cranberry Raspberry, Orange Tangerine, Peach Mango and Strawberry Kiwi. Varying by flavor, CAL-C contains 5 percent to 7 percent skim milk.

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