A new study published June 13 in the Archives of Internal Medicine (volume 165, number 11) says that a high intake of calcium and vitamin D can help women ward off symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The 10-year study compared the diets and supplement use of 1,057 women ages 27 to 44. All were part of the long-running Nurses Health Study.

The research found that women who ate four servings or more a day of a dairy product — including milk — were less likely to develop the feelings of anxiety, loneliness, irritability, tearfulness and tension that are common with PMS.

While study authors are encouraged by the results, they note that more research is needed to recommend diet changes. However, it seems that the combination of calcium and vitamin D can help in reducing the risk of PMS.

To access the study, go to: http://archinte.ama-assn.org/cgi/content/short/165/11/1246

Archives of Internal Medicine, The Indianapolis Star