The British Broadcasting Company recently did a story on the California dust bowl.

David and Sharon Wakefield, farmers in California’s central valley, talk about how the lack of water has turned parts of their California farm into a dust bowl.

Click here to watch the video.

Source: BBC News

When John Steinbeck wrote “The Grapes of Wrath,” he probably never foresaw the day when the “Okies” would have to hit the road again because a dust bowl had formed - in of all places - California. Yet, that is the irony of the BBC piece. David and Sharon Wakefield, who farm in California's central valley, are interviewed, and Sharon mentions that her mom and dad moved to California to escape the dust bowl of the 1930s. Now, with conditions in California being what they are, Sharon has asked her mom if she wants to go back to Oklahoma. — Tom Quaife, editor