The drought, along with efforts by conservationists to protect a species of minnow, has turned much of central California into a dust bowl.

The Wall Street Journal carried an item this past week entitled, “California’s Man-Made Drought,” in reference to the environmental groups and lawyers who engineered water restrictions in much of the central valley.

“The result has already been devastating for the state’s economy,” the article said. “In the inland areas affected by court-ordered water restrictions, the jobless rate has hit 14.3 percent, with some farming towns like Mendota seeing unemployment numbers near 40 percent.”

The article also offers insight into some of the possible political scenarios for resolving the situation. So far, the Obama Administration has denied requests to designate California a federal disaster area as a result of the drought conditions. “Doing so would force the Administration to acknowledge awkward questions about the role its own environmental policies have played in scorching the Earth,” the article said.

For more information, read “California’s Man-Made Drought.”

Source: The Wall Street Journal