The California Milk Processor Board, whose innovative "got milk?" campaign led to a nationwide advertising campaign for the dairy industry that continues today, is launching a new advertising program that will tout the nutritional benefits of milk.

The campaign will kick off in California on February 5. The tagline for the ads, "Strength comes from within" is aimed at reaching adults who tend to drop milk from their diets.

The first ad, called "X-ray" will feature an X-ray of the body. After all, the bones give the body strength and those bones gather their strength from the nutrients found in milk.

The ad will be part of a broad advertising campaign that will include the Internet, public relations and a contest that will ask consumers to send in their old X-rays for possible use in a future commercial. More ads that continue on the theme of strength will be unveiled later in the year.

Jeff Manning, executive director of the California Milk Processor Board said the group developed the new strategy to help them reach health-conscious consumers. Within the past few years calcium has been added to a number of products including orange juice, bread and cereals. This advertising campaign will remind consumers that one of the best sources of calcium is right in front of them in a nice cold glass of milk.

Although the strength ad campaign was developed and will be used first in California, other dairy groups across the country will have the option to run the ads also. That’s what happened after the ‘got milk?’ campaign was developed — it spread nationwide.

The CMPB spends about $20 million on advertising in California.