cow that escaped from the birthing barn at the California State Fair on July 27 was tragically shot after police officers could not contain the animal.

According to a report by KCRA News, the cow broke free around 9:30 a.m., around the time thousands of exhibitors and concessionaires were arriving to the fair. The cow allegedly stampeded through the midway area and many other parts of the fair.

KCRA News reported that police corralled the animal and tried to get it into a trailer, but the cow escaped. After a tranquilizer gun didn’t fire, the cow was shot multiple times in its side.

The University of California-Davis is also calling for a complete review of animal use and handling procedures for all animals intended for public exhibition at the state fair. It has also been requested that the Veterinary Emergency Response Team at UC Davis develop a plan and training module to help prepare public-safety officials at the fair and other large, public venues for incidents involving unrestrained large animals in public places or roadways.

Source: KCRA News, News 10 and UC Davis