As the state Legislature finished work after an all-night session today on a package of water legislation, California Farm Bureau Federation President Doug Mosebar said the bills represent real progress toward meeting long-term water challenges facing the state’s family farmers and ranchers. Mosebar’s full statement:

“Severe water shortages have forced family farmers in parts of California to spend many sleepless nights, trying to figure out how to save their farms and continue to produce food for our people. The Legislature has moved California toward solutions needed to restore reliable water supplies for everyone.

“There is still much work to do, but the Legislature and the governor have recognized the key elements needed to achieve long-term solutions to our state’s water problems. We appreciate the governor’s persistence in pressing for water development and the efforts by legislators to finalize the package.

“To fix our broken water system, we must add new water storage both aboveground and underground; we must improve our ability to move water; we must protect the water rights that people depend on and we must enhance the delta ecosystem.

“The bills move us in that direction. We’ll continue to work with the administration and state agencies as they implement the bills, to make certain that they recognize how important it is to grow food and strengthen rural economies in California.

“Farm Bureau will also continue to press both the state and federal governments to take decisive actions to address the short-term water crisis that still faces many California family farmers. To maintain our ability to grow food for families, farmers and ranchers need real, verifiable improvements in water reliability and quality.”

Source: California Farm Bureau Federation