The Modesto Bee reports Foster Farms in Modesto, California has purchased two ice cream plants in Oregon owned by Matterhorn Group Inc. who earlier filed for bankruptcy.

With the acquisition, Foster Farms will offer frozen desserts made by the two Oregon plants. Jeff Foster, chief executive officer and president said Foster Farms will add Matterhorn’s customers to its “existing portfolio, enabline greater geographic breadth in the Western region along with increased penetration into current markets.”

Foster Farms, the largest privately owned dairy processor in California, also owns several dairy farms. Despite lower milk prices over the past two years, milk is still the highest-grossing farm product in the Northern San Joaquin Valley.

"Modesto already is a viable ice cream manufacturing and distribution center," Foster said, "and our intent is to continue growing the business and truly become a one-stop dairy-frozen dessert solution for all of our current as well as our future customers."

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