Washington State University wants to know more about health record keeping and evaluation on your dairies.

Washington State University’s Veterinary Medicine Extension is conducting a survey of dairy farmers to learn more about how disease and treatment data are recorded, used and valued across the U.S.  

To complete the survey go to www.opinion.wsu.edu/producer.  

Your participation will be invaluable in helping us better serve the dairy industry through the development of more efficient health data record keeping and evaluation options.  

This survey should be completed by the individual most familiar with record keeping on your dairy, particularly with respect to disease and treatment data

Dairy farmers from across the U.S. are encouraged to participate. Survey closes Aug. 31.

For more information please contact Sandy Poisson at (509) 335-8225, spoisson@vetmed.wsu.edu or Dr. John Wenz at (509) 335-0773, jrwenz@vetmed.wsu.edu.

Source: Washington State University