Dairy farmers across the country continually make positive changes to their operations in order to protect and preserver natural resources. But, most often the general public does not hear about these "innovative projects" that are implemented in order to protect air, water and environmental quality. 

“We don't always hear about them because most producers implement such changes not to receive recognition, but rather because it is the right thing to do for their farm, their family, their community and their environment,” says the Dairy Business Association.

Therefore, the organization would like to honor an innovative producer for the positive steps they have taken to make a difference for the environment. “Not only do we want to recognize the difference this producer is making — but more importantly, we want to share with others the impact such changes can have on our farms and in our communities,” says association leadership.
If you have taken the steps to make positive changes on your farm, or if you know of an area producer who has gone above and beyond local, state and federal regulations, please visit the Dairy Business Association Web site to review the application or call (920) 347-0499 for more information. 

The association says it looks forward to the opportunity to honor this producer during the 2010 World Dairy Expo.

Source: Dairy Business Association