The NMC 50th Annual Meeting will be held January 23-26, 2011 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington Va., and features a program that encompasses the past, present and future of mastitis and milk quality.

For example, a pre-conference symposium will focus on understanding consumer perceptions and their impact on product demand and quality. The annual poster session will also be held, as well as the research and development summaries session which features oral presentations on selected posters.

Meanwhile, the main program will look at the key work in milk quality, milking technology, udder health, and other areas that underpin the advances in the dairy industry that have occurred since NMC was founded in 1961, with an emphasis on what NMC has delivered over the past 50 years. The program will also look at where the next advances will be in the area of mastitis control and milk quality.

The meeting will feature a special 50th anniversary banquet that will include a slideshow of NMC members past and present, as well as a quiz bowl that will test your knowledge.

The event also features nine short courses, from an on-farm evaluation of a large dairy, to a hands-on workshop about understanding social media tools and how to use the internet to gain better results in less time.

Here’s a glimpse at the short courses:

  • A progressive evolution of dynamic analysis: It passed a system analysis, now what?
    This on-farm course challenges participants to go beyond the NMC-recommended guidelines for evaluating milking systems by coupling observation techniques, records analysis, and system testing into a complete view of milking quality management.
  • Milking the Web smarter, especially using social media
    This hands-on workshop provides participants with key approaches to work smarter when using the Internet and gain better results in less time. Learn how to effectively utilize social media tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Flickr, YouTube, Delicious, Slideshare, Google Docs, and others, for both personal and professional uses.
  • 400K, beat it! Lowering somatic cell counts on all farms
    New ideas and methods for identifying, tracking and managing somatic cell counts.
  • Heifer mastitis and coagulase-negative Staphylococci: What have we learned recently?
    This course focuses on heifer mastitis, its causative agents, risk factors, potential impact on future productivity, and prevention/control strategies.
  • What's your diagnosis? Using patterns of clinical mastitis and SCC to inform decisions on prevention
    This course covers novel methods to evaluate clinical mastitis and somatic cell count data in dairy herds.
  • Dairy stockmanship: Reconnecting the people with the cows
    This short course will teach dairy stockmanship as well as provide producers, veterinarians, and dairy advisors to identify opportunities to utilize basic stockmanship skills to improve how dairy cattle are handled.
  • Mycoplasma mastitis: New findings and improved control strategies
    Learn the risk factors of mycoplasma mastitis, prevention and control strategies, and new methods of diagnosis.
  • Mastitis: It's all about communication and motivation
    This course describes communication issues that can be considered to improve the role of advisors in order to achieve better udder health. 
  • Becoming better at troubleshooting milking equipment issues: Real world case presentations
    This course focuses on system evaluations based on case histories. The goal is to improve the ability of participants to troubleshoot dairies and improve observational and testing skills.

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