Cheese is the latest western export trying to charm the Chinese taste buds, says a recent report by Reuters.

Dairy is finding a small but secure place in the every day diets of the Chinese. China’s dairy industry has grown 500 to 600 percent since the 1990s. The increase in consumption of milk and dairy products is attributed to better living standards, rising incomes and more product availability.

According to the report, in old times rich people could drink milk. Now milk is part of the daily life and one can purchase milk at any time and anywhere.

In China the demand for milk has grown seven-fold and the country’s dairy industry has grown to 1.77 million dairy farms.

Milk is finding it’s way into Chinese hearts and stomachs and cheese may soon follow.

This recent video report by Reuters examines the increasing popularity of dairy products in China. Watch the video.

Source: Reuters and Wall Street Journal