If you haven’t heard yet, chocolate milk has been named the official drink of Halloween.

This is the fifth year that the Milk Processor Education Program has centered promotions around Halloween to encourage parents to serve chocolate milk and boost overall consumption of milk.

Retail promotions across the country are working to build sales in the dairy case. The goal is to help chocolate milk continue its positive trend of increased consumption, up 1.1 percent nationally.

And, the Halloween promotion couldn’t come at a better time. Chocolate milk has become very controversial as the school systems sort through fact and fiction to find ways to fight the obesity challenge. Read “Arm yourself with the facts on chocolate milk”.

Chocolate milk gives kids a healthy alternative all year round to sodas, but it’s an especially good alternative during Halloween when candy seems to be available everywhere. “During Halloween when the house is bursting with sweets, lowfat chocolate milk is a nutritious treat parents can feel good about – it contains the same essential nutrients found in white milk with a taste kids love,” says Gwenn Schurgin O’Keeffe, pediatrician, American Academy of Pediatrics spokesperson and child health expert.

We can all do our part to help spread the message of chocolate milk during the Halloween season. Consider serving chocolate milk at your child’s Halloween party or logging onto Facebook and utilizing the tools provided by Got milk? On Whymilk.com you can find tools to easily send a Halloween greeting to your friends and share healthy Halloween tips and recipes. How many Facebook friends do you have that are non-dairy folks? What an easy way to share factual information about chocolate milk and dairy in a fun way. Oh, and for moms and dads, there’s even something special for you – you can enter a chance to win a fun family trip to Florida.

Make sure to stock the refrigerator with chocolate milk and have a spooktacular Halloween.