Chr. Hansen researchers have discovered a lactic acid bacteria that when consumed in a cultured dairy product such as a yogurt, and potentially other food products, may reduce high blood pressure. The culture, named Cardi-04™, has been shown to reduce high blood pressure in animal studies.

“We have worked on this project for several years now, and we are getting closer to the goal," explains Peter Olesen, Chief Science Officer at Chr. Hansen. He points out that it is still too early to draw a final conclusion, and that more research is needed before the product or product samples are available. Medical experts in Europe find the documentation on Cardi-04 very interesting, and Chr. Hansen believes they soon will be able to offer food manufacturers innovative ingredients to make healthier foods.

Patent pending
Chr. Hansen has filed a patent application for the culture, and expects it to be granted soon. If things develop according to the company's plan, the first food products with Cardi-04™ may be available on supermarket shelves within a couple of years. “We have certainly not reached the finish-line yet, but we are on the home stretch.” Mr. Olesen explains. 

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