Although still below $10, the Class III price gained ground during August.

The USDA announced the Class III price at $9.54 — a 21-cent increase compared to July. Still, the August Class III price still sits about $6 less than a year ago.

Despite the Class III price gain, both the Class II and IV prices declined slightly. The USDA announced the August Class IV price at $10.41 — a 4-cent drop from July. The August Class II price fell 7 cents — to $11.07.

Although milk prices may have taken a turn for the better, both the cheese and butter markets continue to flounder. At the close of trading on August 29, block and barrel prices on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange settled at $1.1575 and $1.1075, respectively. Grade AA butter prices settled at $0.955 per pound on Aug. 29.