The Class III price slipped below $20, falling $1.55 from July’s record high of $21.38.

According to the USDA’s announcement of class prices on Aug. 31, the August Class III price is $19.83. Despite being a loss of $1.55 versus July, it is still $8.77 higher than a year ago.

The August Class IV price continued to march higher, setting a new record high. At $21.87, the August Class IV price is 23 cents more than July and $11.23 more than a year ago. The August Class IV is now in the top spot of record highs, followed by July at $21.64 and June at $20.76.

Meanwhile, the August Class II price surged past $22. It is $22.41 — up $1.01 versus July. Though the advance is not as strong as the $2.51 gain between June and July, it is still impressive. The August Class II price also is $11.25 higher than a year ago.