Class prices have passed the coveted $20 mark.

According to the USDA’s announcement of class prices on June 29, the June Class III price is $20.11. It has not been past $20 since May 2004. The current price is $2.51 more than May and $8.82 more than a year ago. The June Class III price also goes down as the second highest Class III price, overtaking the April 2004 price of $19.66. However, it has yet to beat the all-time high of $20.58 set in May 2004.

The Class IV price posted a gain of $2.28 versus May. That puts it at $20.76 for June. Last year it was $10.22. The June Class IV price now takes the lead as the highest Class IV price ever, passing last month’s price of $18.48.

The Class II price is $18.89 for June — up $2.27 versus May and $7.89 higher than June 2006.