Climate-change legislation may be revived in Congress after being on life-support as recently as six weeks ago.

Steven Pearlstein, business columnist for The Washington Post, writes that climate-change legislation may have gotten new life with the passage of health-care reform in late March.

“Democrats and their liberal supporters saw how much good could be accomplished by not allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good,” Pearlstein wrote. “And Republicans and the business lobby were reminded of the concessions they could have won but didn’t by their decision to abandon bipartisan compromise and instead try to kill the legislation altogether.”

Now, Pearlstein writes, there looks to be a 50-50 chance the Senate could pass a simpler and more moderate version of the climate-change bill that passed last summer in the House.

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A study by Texas A&M University concluded that the House-passed climate change bill would not be beneficial for the dairy industry.  Read “Will dairies benefit from the “green wave”?

Source: The Washington Post