Bravo! Foods International Corp. announced this week that it has made its first shipment of Slammers milk drinks to Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. (CCE) for distribution within the United States.

Coke and Bravo! signed a distribution agreement in August for Coke to distribute the flavored milk products called Slammers.

Bravo! Foods CEO Roy Warren said, "I am extremely pleased with the progress of coordinated sales efforts between Coke and Bravo! to date.  We anticipate that this relationship will continue to grow with the distribution of Slammers in the new and expanded sales channels that Coca-Cola Enterprises brings to our business."

Since Bravo! began shipments to CCE in October for the November distribution launch, CCE has ordered additional Slammers product. The Company reported that the total gross revenue represented by CCE's initial orders currently exceeds gross revenue in any previous quarter of Bravo!'s history.

Warren continued, "With shipments under CCE's first order a reality, we are aggressively seeking additional capacity for our shelf-stable plastic bottles to handle the anticipated new demand for our Slammers products in the marketplace."

Bravo! Foods' popular Slammers milk drinks come in 14 oz. shelf-stable bottles that can be stored without refrigeration for up to six months, and distributed at ambient temperatures avoiding the additional costs and logistic hurdles associated with cold chain distribution.

Bravo! Foods, PRNewswire