What started as goal for a small group of people in the Colorado dairy industry is now a reality – dairy training delivered in Spanish.

The Colorado “Dairy Management Program in Spanish” was started in May 2005. The program focuses on delivering high-quality training in Spanish to dairy employees. Each training program focuses on one specific area of production, and is targeted for key dairy employees. Sessions are offered every three months.

One of the goals of the group was to provide training from very high-quality instructors. This was made easier because of the participation of Noa Román-Muñiz, veterinarian with ColoradoStateUniversity’s Integrated Livestock Management program. This gave the program access to an experienced dairy employee trainer, located in Colorado, who already had an established relationship with the dairy operations in Northern Colorado.  Her expertise has been complemented by the participation of top internationally known presenters who contribute to each topic.

 The cost to the producer for each employee attending the class is $50. The cost to producers has been kept moderate, thanks to very generous sponsorship from the companies that supply the Colorado dairy industry. The program also has received logistical support from the CSU Agriculture Extension Service, CSU Integrated Livestock Management program, and financial and logistical support from the Colorado Livestock Association.

The first topic covered in June, 2005 was Feeds and Feeding Practices.  Dr. Roman-Muniz taught the anatomy and physiology related to feeding with a presentation titled “Happy Rumen, Happy Cow”.  Cargill Animal Nutrition provided Nutrition Consultant Ramon Pacheco from Mexico.  His presentation on feeds and feeding practices included a field trip to a large dairy feeding area. This training session was attended by over forty feeders responsible for feeding over 30,000 milk cows in Colorado.

 The second seminar, “Supervision, Training, and Safety”, was offered on two consecutive days in September, 2005. This allowed producers to not have all their supervisors off the farm at the same time, and also resulted in smaller class size for the intense discussions that took place.  More than 40 supervisors participated in presentations led by Román-Muñiz, Al Haro, with Pinnacol Assurance, and Jorge Estrada, with Leadership-Coaching International.

In November, training on “Fresh Cow Health and Reproduction” was taught in two different cities on two consecutive days. Earl Ingram, Caribbean/South America Marketing Manager from Select Sires facilitated a session on reproductive physiology and artificial insemination technique.  Roman-Muniz trained employees on how to do a thorough physical examination on fresh cows and briefly talked about the most common diseases associated with dairy cows in the post-partum period.

There are ambitious plans for 2006. Classes will be provided on lameness, parlor management, calf raising, calving and maternity. After these new courses are offered, all courses will be repeated in a cyclical manner, hence providing training needed by new employees and existing employees as they move up to other areas of dairy production.

To learn more about the Colorado Dairy Management Program in Spanish, contact Roman-Muniz by e-mail at: Noa.Roman-Muniz@colostate.edu

ColoradoDairy Management Program in Spanish