The Connecticut legislature has passed a bill that bans sodas and sugary soft drinks from public schools in the state.

Governor M. Jodi Rell told the Connecticut Post that she will be pleased to sign the bill. This is the state’s second try at passing a soda ban for schools. One big difference in this bill is that in addition to banning the sale of sodas and sugary soft drinks during the school day, it offers a 10-cent per meal incentive if schools comply with nutritional guidelines.

Under the bill, students will only be able to buy the following drinks from vending machines: milk, non-dairy milk substitutes, water, fruit juices and vegetable juices that contain a limited amount of added sugar.

Opponents of the bill say the changes will not help address the problem of childhood obesity because it does not limit sugary snacks in vending machines. And some opponents contend parents should be telling their kids what to eat and drink, not the state.

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