Jeff Ross-Hauer and his wife both lost their jobs in the past year, so they couldn’t afford to buy a new refrigerator when their old, 21-year-old fridge began breaking down.

When they won a contest sponsored by the Florida Dairy Farmers, which provided them with a new refrigerator and a year’s supply of milk, Jeff Ross-Hauer was very grateful.

“We love milk and for financial reasons we had to cut back and pretty much eliminate chocolate milk, which we both love,” he told Fox 35 News in Orlando, Fla. “So, it’s great to be able to say ‘yes, we can have milk again when we want it.’”  

Ross-Hauer and his wife can get the free milk by using special coupons at the grocery store.

See the Fox News 35 broadcast on YouTube:

Source: Fox News 35, Orlando, Fla.