This week’s “Crop Progress” report from the USDA shows corn fields in the top 18 corn-growing states are doing better than they were on the same date last year.

As of June 14, 70 percent of the crop was rated in “good” to “excellent” condition, according to the report. Last year at this time, 57 percent of the crop rated “good” to “excellent.” Crop conditions are about the same as the previous week across the top 18 states.

Soybeans, at 87 percent planted, are slightly ahead of one year ago, when farmers had 83 percent of the crop in the ground. The percent planted as of June 14 is catching up to the five-year average of 92 percent. Seventy-two percent of the crop has emerged, compared to 55 percent the previous week. However, the percent emerged as of June 14 is down versus the five-year average of 83 percent.

Source: USDA