Warm and dry weather in much of the Corn Belt this past weekend helped the corn harvest considerably, but progress is still way behind schedule.

According to USDA’s “Crop Progress” report released Monday afternoon, 37 percent of the crop in the 18 top corn-producing states had been harvested as of Sunday. That is 45 percentage points behind the five-year average.

Top corn-producing states Illinois and Iowa had 31 percent and 34 percent of their corn crops harvested, respectively.

Brad Rippey, agricultural meteorologist for the USDA, says the pace of this year’s corn harvest has been the slowest in 35 years.

Only 25 percent of the corn crop had been harvested as of Nov. 1.  Looking back over 35 years of data, that was easily the smallest percentage registered by Nov. 1. The previous record for slowness was set in 1992, when only 44 percent of the corn had been harvested by that date, he said.